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Silicone Flexible Pot Holder
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3 IN 1 – anti heat coaster is made out of 3 parts, each is designed for a cup, plate and pan or a bowl. You can use it as a whole or divide into 3 parts.
RICH QUALITY – coasters are made from high quality silicone which does not stain, mold or absorb odors. It perfectly serves its main purpose to protect your furniture’s surfaces from hot or watery cups, pans or bowls.
ENTERTAINING – You can buy more than one set of trivet and create Your own color sets by combining different parts of trivet on your own imagination.
The pads measure diameter 7.5 inch for big, 5 inch for middle and 3 inch for small, with 0.2 inch thickness.
It is perfect to protect different surfaces from hot dishes or to prevent wooden tables from water stains. Also you can use it for putting the spoon down. Dishwasher safe.

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